Cordoba Group

Project Details The Cordoba Group of Companies is the parent organization of eight businesses that provide services ranging from accounting needs for businesses and individual clients to managing your construction projects and properties. Website

Engenius Construction

Project Details Engenius Construction was created by likeminded individuals whose goal was to make the construction process and its many commitments easier to manage for homeowners and companies alike. At Engenius, we promise to help you make your project a reality. Website

Northern Waste

Project Details Northern Waste Management is a Canadian waste management company that offers construction waste removal and bin rental services. They provide many types of waste management solutions for disposing of excavation soil, renovation debris, demolished construction debris and more. Website

MDS Mini Bins

Project Details MDS Mono Bins ensure that waste is disposed of safely, and salvage all recyclable and reusable material from the trash. Everyday materials that were once non-reusable or non-recyclable can now be recycled and reused as a result of modern technology. Website

Maydan Municipal Engineering

Project Details Maydan inc. is an employee-owned boutique consulting engineering firm specializing in municipal infrastructure with a multitude of combined experience. They provide engineering services to the public sector, private developers, architects and asset management firms located throughout Ontario. Website

Indy’s 101 Customs

Project Details Indy’s 101 Customs do auto body repairs and make your vehicle as good as new again. Dents, dings, or scratches, take care of everything. They fix bumpers, fenders, and winged mirrors. Their qualified technicians are in love with the beauty of vehicles, and that’s why they work hard to restore the charm of…

Alba Stone

Project Details Alba Stone’s main focus lies in installing tiles and carpeting in various settings. Our many years of experience make us qualified to install various types of flooring in various settings both interior and exterior. Website

Solo Construction Company

Project Details Solo Construction Company is the leading exterior works construction company with a portfolio of some of the most beautiful works rendered by our proficient staff. Our work has refined over the decades, providing now extraordinarily brilliant work services to our esteemed clients. Website

Life Matters First Aid Training

Project Details Life Matters First Aid Training (Authorized provider for the Canadian Red Cross) provides First Aid / CPR training. Training is organized around your schedules, whether it be weekday, weekend or evening.The convenience of on-site training if required means that travelling arrangements are minimized, and individuals are able to train within the working environment.…

Guycan Woods Inc.

Project Details Guycan Woods Inc. in collaboration with our suppliers in Guyana, specialize in delivering the highest quality lumber and hardwood to customers all over the world. With the recent growing demand for lumber in Asia and the Middle East, Guycan partnered with organizations in Canada, to help facilitate a smooth and efficient process. Website …